For many people, the opportunity to own their own business is the ultimate dream.

Since we launched our franchising model in October 2019, we have successfully opened 4 new franchises and have sold another 8. Thus making us one of the fastest growing franchise businesses in South Africa.


If you’re considering starting a business, here are a few reasons you should consider owning an EV Global Franchise.

1. A variety of opportunities

Becoming a franchise owner you have a variety of opportunities to generate an income from your business, which includes sales of new and refurbished electrical vehicles, sales of spares, and income generated from services and maintenance.

2. An established reputation

A major part of establishing a new business is building a positive reputation. Buying an EV Global franchise gives you the benefit of joining a well-known brand that has already built credibility with consumers.

3. Built-in resources

Working with us means having built-in resources to set you up for success. Franchisees can take advantage of advertising and marketing efforts from EV Global while also doing their own promotion within their community.

We also offer education and training for franchisees to learn processes and skills needed to run your business.

4. A network of peers

It can often feel like you’re going at it alone when starting your own business. With our franchises, you have a network of peers going through the same things you are. You have the ability to network and connect with other franchisees to learn about their experiences.

5. An ongoing innovation, product pipeline

As a franchise owner, there is constant pressure to come up with new ideas to stay relevant. As a franchisee of EV Global, the brand does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. We have a team dedicated to sourcing new products and services for our business. While you’re still responsible for learning about the new products and making the sale to customers, having support from EV Global can help keep things fresh and innovative.

Want to join our rapidly growing franchise network?