Our locally produced lithium batteries ready for installation at your nearest store.

Maintenance Free. No water filling, no terminal tightening and cleaning of acid deposits on the top of our batteries.

Quick-charging times as fast as ONE hour for an 80% charge and the standard charging time is FIVE hours for fully charged.

Advantages of Lithium batteries

Light Weight

Half of the size and of the weight take a big load of of the turf, protecting one of customer’s most valuable assets.

The lighter weight also means the golf cart can reach higher speeds with less effort and carry more weight without feeling sluggish.

We specialize with refurbishment of batteries which includes a 12 month warranty.

 We sell a variety of golf cart battery brands available in South Africa, most of which includes a 12 month warranty.

We trade in old batteries, and offer discount on new sets bought with trade ins of old batteries.

Batteries required?