Hybrid 4 seater golf cart


15years no rust hot-galvanized-dip chassis
TPO injection mould front cowl and rear body-Impact Resistance



Power Source: 48V (8 X 6V or 6 X 8V)
Motor: 4kw (5.5hp,48V) motor or 3kw (4hp,36V) Motor
Controller: 275 amp(48V) Curtis programmable controller with regenerative braking


2 or 4 Passengers
40km maximum speed

Other HDK Special Features

Battery meter
Rear view mirrors on both sides
High/Low speed switch
Horn, Reverse beep, Parking brake
Head lights, LED Taillights, Brake lights, Turn signals
48V to 12V voltage reducer for all accessories
Foldabel windshield
10-inch Aluminum wheels
Functional front and rear bumpers
Plastic battery tray
Extended matching color canopy with grab handles
Onboard battery charger included
DOT Approved Tires
All bolts and nuts stainless steel
Independent Suspersion with four arms


Hybrid Generator
US/Trojan battery
DOT solid windshield with wipers
10 inch Aluminum wheels
400 amp Curtis controller